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Ready to design and create the ‘multi-faceted’ business model you dream about?
Expanding into the online space is THE BEST way to become sought after and KNOWN for what you do well. It’s time to PROTECT and CATAPULT your business in new, innovative and savvy ways!
By offering unique programs that really SPEAK to the value of what you deliver, you can not only raise your rates, but actually CREATE multiple ways to bring in revenue.
 It’s time to PROTECT and CATAPULT your business in new, innovative and savvy ways! 
You have a vision.  You know what you are meant to do.  
Health. Fitness. Wellness. Self Care. And helping your clients find their purpose is your passion.  It’s why you decided to start your own business.   
You’ve helped and served lots of clients. It’s what you are meant to do.  
But the pandemic didn’t help. In fact, it made what you do even more challenging. 
The public needs what you have to offer, more than ever.  
There has NEVER been a more important time to be in the health and fitness industry.  
Fitness IS essential. Health and wellness IS essential.
And you have a REAL opportunity NOW to get your message out and to be a REAL player in helping to change lives.  
You want to really grow and EXPAND your audience,  AND the number of ways you can serve them.  By putting your expertise into a coaching program, membership program or retreat offering you are MULTIPLYING the different ways you can reach people.  
Only you have no idea really HOW to stand out online. To actually FIND the clients you know are waiting for you online.  To build the kind of programs that really SPEAK  to your true desires and your zone of genius.

For example...

  • What goes into putting on a retreat?

  • What tools and tech are needed to really make a membership work?

  • How do you create a course that IS what you do with your clients and turn it into something that delivers over and over online? 

  • What’s involved in pricing and packaging a program that really lands with your audience? 

  • Where do you start in designing coaching offers that are in line with your brand, background and voice? 

The online space is LOUD. There is SO. MUCH. GOING. ON.  
There are literally THOUSANDS of options online.
And if you are going to make this work the way you DREAM about--you’ve got to get past the audience that ALREADY knows you.   
So you can really SHOW how different you really are! 
Maybe you’ve tried to put together lower-priced offers with the hope of helping more people. After all, you know it works--you have seen other online health and fitness coaches do it. 
Maybe you’ve bought their programs or borrowed ideas from other coaches. 
Or you’re getting another certification, hoping that helps separate you. 
Or you’re designing a product, writing a book, or even partnering with another company--thinking that will make a difference in allowing you to really connect with others. 
Only it’s not really showing up in terms of sales, and new clients. 
You know you can serve more clients.
You’ve tried to get by, even doing what you were doing more in-person--only doing it virtually.  
And for a while, it has worked. You’ve been successful, but you want MORE. 
And you’re finding your time is being sucked up and you’re no further along. 
You’re not seeing the results in your bank account. 
And you’re frustrated. Worried. Maybe even stressed.  
What’s next? 
How can I make this work?  

How can I generate the revenue I know I deserve when I can’t connect all the pieces in a way that really is INNOVATIVE for the online space?

As a 25-year health and fitness entrepreneur, I have innovated many times over the years to create a business that generates regular 5 figure incomes each month.But I have had to pivot and learn to change. And the #covid pandemic really pushed me over the edge--and thankfully--I have a winning system that has allowed me to grow, expand and build my offerings. I now offer unique programs, including RETREATS--which helps to set me apart from the THOUSANDS of other online coaches in our space. And now I want to teach you ALL my secrets.  

The INNOVATE ACADEMY is a 15-week coaching container and program where you’ll learn all the unique tips and strategies on how to BUILD YOUR DREAM 6 FIGURE HEALTH AND FITNESS BUSINESS.

TOGETHER, we will impact one million lives strong with the GIFT of a FIT LIFE.

  • by finding your ‘Superpower’ so we can INNOVATE your offerings

  • repeatable, actionable steps to build your audience

  • create offers that allow you to really focus on what you LOVE about what you do

  • build and make the revenue you KNOW you deserve

Inside the Innovate Academy,  through the unique INNOVATE CURRICULUM, we’ll focus on my unique 4 pillar system: 

  • 1. Identify Your Vision

    We’ll take a deeper dive into your BIG PICTURE VISION for your business.  What is your DREAM?  WHY is it important to you? HOW will your vision help impact the world and all the clients you wish to serve? Having an intimate knowledge and understanding of your BIG PICTURE VISION allows you to share all of what matters to you, so you can get your message out into the world. 

  • 2. Structure Your Offers

    When you design programs and offers that really speak to your true desires, what really EXCITES you about what you do, and your true ‘zone of genius’ you allow yourself to REALLY stand out in the crowd. If you have borrowed ideas, bought other programs or simply ‘copied’ what another coach is doing, odds are it’s not really speaking to what you truly do. We’ll work on designing programs and offers allow you really BUILD your revenue and call in the exact kind of clients you want to be serving.

  • 3. Finding Your Unique Brand and Voice

    We’ll target exactly what your ‘health and fitness and wellness’ brand is so you can really speak to it.One of the MAIN REASONS why so many online health/fitness/self-care coaches simply blend in with the THOUSANDS of other options out there is that your ‘uniqueness’ is not defined.There are ideas and parts of your brand and your message that need to be told and shared. And knowing what these are, can allow you to be FULLY in alignment with your message. You’ll be CLEAR on what this is for you. 

  • 4. Build and Broaden Your Audience

    With your vision and offers clear, and your branding and message sound--we’ll adopt a series of strategies to really BROADEN your online footprint. There are limitless ways to reach new people.  You’ll learn how to form collaborations, get yourself seen and heard and specifically target audiences OUTSIDE your immediate network, or company. In order to reach all the clients that are waiting to find you--this step is KEY and will bring all the Innovate Academy Curriculum together. 

What do you think? Are you ready to say yes?

This program is for you IF:

  • You desire to REALLY grow your business and make more money. 

  • You want to build out another online element or offering in your business that can allow you to BUILD and GROW your business (in addition to what you have in person, or maybe you want to transition from being in person to being online). 

  • You honestly don’t know where to begin to build and grow your client list, and expand your reach. 

  • You don’t believe you are standing out and as a result--you are just getting by with low ticket offers, and whatever you can ‘throw together’. 

  • You believe that mastering the online space is just ‘too hard' and ‘too complicated'.  

  • You’ve had thoughts like  ‘It just doesn’t feel like I'm being ME--I'm used to being in person!’ 

  • You’re frustrated about what has happened in the health and fitness space--you wonder if things will EVER go back to normal and if you can actually keep going.

  • You’re tired, overextended and stressed about how to generate the income you truly desire--the bills keep coming no matter what, right?  

  • You wonder ‘what’s next’? Can I really do this?  What does it take?

Think about it.  

You’re one of a kind--and you KNOW deep down why you decided to go for building your DREAM business.
But you don’t want to compete with Peleton, or Beach Body. Or any other million-dollar health, fitness or wellness empire that is online. 
The in-person component of your business is something you have worked to build, and now you are ready to look at ‘what’s next'. 
And the thought that you may need to build a HUGE video library or get to 1 million followers on social media before you see any results is quite frankly--NOT what you want. 

And I'm telling you now- you don't have to.

Here's what you get with your seat in the INNOVATE ACADEMY:

  • 16-weeks of mentoring with me, and the others in weekly group calls.  

  • Hot seat coaching and my eyes on your offers and plans, so we can CREATE what you really desire. 

  • Access to our unique Innovate Academy learning portal with all your templates, and systems to go with each pillar.

  • Monthly check-in and strategy call with me to discuss what is happening in your business.

  • Access to our private FACEBOOK group for extra support, motivation and accountability. 

  • Guest speakers sharing their expertise on selling, copyright tips and more. 

  • One 2-day retreat experience where we can take a deeper dive and look into your future plans--details to be announced (either in person or virtual).  

You can have the business you DREAM about!

The INNOVATE ACADEMY is the place for you.

And inside, I’ll share the INNOVATE CURRICULUM, where you’ll get all my go-to tips and strategies for FINALLY breaking through online, and generating the income you KNOW you are meant to do. 
When you graduate from the INNOVATE ACADEMY, you’ll have:
  • Blueprint

    A real blueprint for your business, with actionable, repeatable strategies for your business.

  • Systems

    Your unique business templates and systems you can simply rinse and repeat and implement.

  • Forward Thinking

    Forward thinking vision so you know EXACTLY what you need to be doing and when you need to be doing it to reach your goals.

  • Mastery

    Mastery of many strategies regarding social media and broadening your audience.

Finally--you’ll have achieved the cornerstone for really CREATING The business you DREAM about!
This is a NEW OPPORTUNITY to not just take your health and fitness business online, but to really EXPAND and GROW so you can reach audiences NATIONALLY and GLOBALLY. 
This isn’t like other coaching programs that just give you a bunch of templates and ‘do it yourself programs that you buy and you’re on your own to figure it out. 
You’ll get to DESIGN, and BRAND your UNIQUE programs that really speak to your uniqueness, and your superpowers!

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Pillar 1: Defining Your VISION

    • Lesson 1: Building Beliefs of Your Business and Nurturing Them in Your Vision

    • Exercise: Thought Download

    • Exercise: Building Beliefs That Grow Your Business

    • Lesson 2: Vision and Values

    • Exercise: Identifying Values

    • Lesson 3: Vision and Messaging: Communicating your VISION.

    • Exercise: Clearly Communicate Your VISION

    • Exercise: Identify Your Ideal Client

    • Exercise: Vision Script

    • Calls: Pillar 1/Vision and your 'One Word'--Thursday January 6th, 2022

    • Call: Vision and Values/Zone of Genius--Lesson 2: January 13, 2022

    • 2021-- Vision and Values Call--June 2021

    • 2021 Call: Vision and your Message-- (Lesson 3)

    • Visionary Kick off Call--September 1 2022: Changes and Bonus Calls

    • InnovateAcademySept8thPillar1Vision

    • Innovate AcademySept15thPillar1VisionandBeliefs

  • 02

    Pillar 2: Designing Offers and Your MATRIX

    • Before We Begin

    • Exercise: Applying the PNF Method

    • Call: Offers-- A closer look at the PNF Formula (January 20th, 2022)

    • Lesson 1: Selling your Offers

    • Lesson 2: Offers

    • Call: Offers and Future Casting (February 3rd, 2022)

    • Lesson 3: Structuring your Offers

    • Lesson 4: Higher Price Point Offers

    • Exercise: Your Offers

    • Call--Feb 10th--Forecasting with Selling--Taking the Ride to the HIGHER Floor

    • Lesson 5: Building a MATRIX

    • Exercise: Plan Your Year!

    • Call--May 12th: Re-writing your Story to be congruent with your offers

    • Call May 26th: Intro to the Business Compass

    • Exercise: Matrix

  • 03

    Pillar 3: Defining Your Online BRAND and VOICE

    • Lesson 1: Your BRAND–What is That?

    • Call: InnovateAcademy Feb24 Pillar3Intro

    • Exercise: Outlining What Your Brand Conveys

    • Lesson 2: Speaking in your Unique VOICE

    • InnovateAcademyCallMarch3

    • Lesson 3: Branding Exercises

  • 04

    Pillar 4: Building Out Your Audience

    • Exercise: Building Your Audience

    • Lesson 1: Essentials for Building Out an Audience (Part 1 of 2)

    • Call--March 10th--Building your Audience--Lesson 1

    • Exercise: Online Networking

    • Lesson 2: Building Your Audience (Part 2 of 2)

    • March 24 Call--All about Podcasting and your Strategy

    • Exercise: Podcast Research

    • All about Instagram with Special Guest Jessica Krewson

Pricing Options

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get the TRACTION and FOCUS you know you need!