Easy Immunity is our 3-step SIMPLE system that can teach you HOW to strengthen your immune system.

Immunity is INCREDIBLY valuable. And it's available to you anytime. Even if you think it isn't. Our immune system is a HUGE communications portal. Like a road map of sorts. The roads on the immune system communications portal are ALWAYS busy. Busy fighting off thousands of possible threats ALL DAY--even if we are not aware of them, or notice them. And that's never been MORE evident, or IMPORTANT than today. There are easy daily steps you can take to STRENGTHEN your immune system and help it work BETTER.

Did you know

  • There are 3 main nutrients that can help SUPERCHARGE your immune system.

  • Simple efficient workouts (20 minutes or less) can help strengthen your body, elevate your metabolism and stimulate the hormones need to elevate and strengthen HOW your immune system works.

  • Mindset and self-care hacks can help direct your thoughts and HOW you respond to fear, anxiety and stress. When gone unchecked these factors can put you MORE at risk for getting sick.

This easy do-it-yourself guide gives you all the tools for

  • Energy eating for immunity.

  • Efficient functional METABOLIC workouts.

  • Simple daily mindset and self-care practices.

Our easy 3-step system for EASY IMMUNITY takes the guess work out and gives you a PLAN.

3 easy lessons, blueprint and tracker to help you put the pieces in place ON YOUR TIME.

I'm Alison

I’ve spent the last 30+ years helping people live better, healthier, and fuller lives through fitness and self-care. My approach is different. It’s not just about checking off your workout like another item on your to-do list. Instead, it gives you a holistic approach to changing your life. Because that IS what works. I have had trouble sticking with a routine before. And when I did, I gained 10 pounds, my clothes didn’t fit as well and my energy hit the bottom. So I understand what it feels like to lose motivation and get frustrated.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Easy Immunity

    • Welcome to Easy Immunity!

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  • 02

    Energy Eating

    • Video

    • Immunity and Nutrients

    • Reflection

  • 03

    Functional Metabolic Workouts

    • Video

    • Immunity and Metabolic Movement

    • Reflection

  • 04

    Mindset & Self-Care

    • Video

    • Self Care and Managing Stress for Immunity

    • Reflection

  • 05


    • Success Tracker

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