It’s never too late to feel the best you’ve ever felt.

When you want to feel fit, healthy, and energized without spending tons of time in a crowded gym, you need a clear path to getting in the best shape of your life FROM HOME using short, effective workouts. Because we all deserve to be healthy and fit no matter how hectic our lives get.

We've all been there.

I know what it’s like to get busy and put yourself on the back burner. I remember the day I realized I had unknowingly put on 10 pounds, and I’m a trainer! I was so frustrated with myself. But the truth is that it can happen to any of us if we don’t have a system for getting and staying fit, healthy, and energized. Fortunately, this is that plan.
Alison Katschkowsky

Here’s how it works:

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It's as Simple as That

This is a system that helps you stay consistent because you can get workouts in whenever it works for you… even when your day doesn’t go exactly as planned. You never have to wonder what to do next, just follow your step-by-step plan for achieving the best results in the shortest amount of time.


Voxer is a free app you can download to your phone or desktop and get weekly accountability messages and a chance to ‘report in’ with your progress. You can choose to be added to our group Voxer messages so we can help hold you accountable!

So, here’s the deal.

Give me just a short time every day and I’ll help you get in the best shape of your life! You can try it risk-free because there are no long-term contracts. Join us today, and cancel anytime–just give us a 30-day notice.
Don’t miss out on the adventure of your life. Quit putting your health and well-being aside when you know your body is the only vehicle you have for living a long and happy life. You don’t have to feel stressed, sluggish, or out of shape. You can do this. You can have the body you’ve always wanted. You can have the energy, stamina, and strength to do the things you want to do with the people who matter the most. You can feel fitter, healthier, and more energetic. Starting Today.

If you’re someone who looks for an excuse to not go to the gym, The Ultimate Fitness Club gives you everything you need to stay on track.

  • Workout at home

  • Expert help and guidance

  • Accountability and support

No more excuses keeping you from living the healthy life you want!

Meet Alison Katschkowsky

Alison is a native North Carolinian—born in Durham, and raised in Shelby, and she has lived all over the state. Alison attended Meredith College and finished her BA at UNC Charlotte, and her MA at East Carolina University. The oldest of 4 children, Alison grew up in a medical family and is a veteran swimmer. Her interest in sports and athletics led her to a competitive swimming and bodybuilding career through school and is mainly responsible for directing her to the health and fitness field. During graduate school, Alison became a group fitness instructor and fitness expert and throughout her 30+ year career has enjoyed working with others both privately and in group settings to help coach and inspire them to achieve a higher level of health, fitness and longevity through a number of practices. Alison owns CU Fitness and holds numerous certifications both in training and within the group fitness industry, dabbles in athleisure clothing and style (check out her line—La Senorita Jolie—all American made), enjoys writing for several health and fitness publications and is currently writing a book.

Alison Katschkowsky

Founder, Ultimate Functional Fitness Club

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the Club!

    • Welcome to the Club!

    • Let's Get Started--Here are your Next Steps!

    • Goal Setting Sheet

  • 02

    Workout Your Way

    • The Workout YOUR Way LIbrary of Workouts!

    • Core Essentials Workout

    • Release and Restore

    • Intro to Upper Body Burn

    • Upper Body Burn Workout

    • Intro to Hips and Butt

    • Hips and Butt Challenge Workout!

    • Balance and Intensity Challenge!

    • Basic Strength Challenge

    • StrengthIntervalsWorkout

    • TotalBodyStaminaChallenge

    • LadderStrengthChallenge

    • 100repchallenge

    • Total Body Workout

  • 03

    Gym in a Bag Workouts

    • Intro Workout using your Kit

    • GyminaBagFunctionalCircuit

    • GyminaBag15MinuteWorkout

    • GyminaBagTotalBody

  • 04

    Restorative Challenges

    • Low Back and Hips Releases

    • Lunch Break 15 min Yoga

    • Easy Unwind Sequences

  • 05

    Self-Care to say YES to you

    • Self-Care for You!

    • The Ultimate Morning Pages Self-Care

  • 06

    The Ultimate Mindset

    • The Power of your Mindset

    • The Overwhelm Grid

  • 07

    Eating for ENERGY!

    • Energize Your Body!

    • Tips for Portion Control

  • 08

    The Body Moxie Resource Library

    • Welcome to your Resource Library!

    • The Simply Fit Life Challenge Workbook- Change to Fit Life Challenge Workbook

    • Food Journal

    • Putting It All Together Tracking Sheet

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